As a Google Apps for Education partner, Kudosiz will help you and your school discover a better way to teach and help your students to learn in a collaboration and information management style. Join other millions of students and educators worldwide use Google Apps in your classroom. 

Google Apps for Education is a free pack of security and powerful "web based software" like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Site, specifically designed to keep your data safe, secure and in your control. 


  • Stay connected from anywhere

  • Bring students, teachers, and teams together

  • Get stuffs done faster

  • Go Green

  • Boosting students motivation and performance

  • Preparing for the real world

  • and it's Free!

Why your school should go Google Apps for Education?

  • You can save school money on maintaining your servers, software licences and other program

  • Teachers and students can collaborate with each others as well as globally in real time

  • Your students love it, and your teachers will embrace it

  • You can free up your IT support to help on teaching and learning more

  • Very easy to use and customize so you can make it meet needs of each unique school

  • Over 12 million other students are already using it. So why don't you?

  • Business and even Google are using it!

  • The security is the first class

  • We and Google have great support team

  • You can access it anywhere and yes anytime!