Together Pui and Noui share a passion to make a difference and have a strong belief that Thai Education sector can greatly be improved with higher access to information and online technology. 
With this in mind, Kudosiz formed a partnership with Google and are now on a mission to unleash the potential of Thailand' Education sector. 

Jitsupa (Pui) Uthairat
Co-founder & Managing Director

Prior to founding Kudosiz, Pui worked at Google for over five years in Singapore and Thailand
as a SME Acquisition Manager. There she helped drive Thai SMB customers to get their businesses online through Google online advertising platform, Google AdWords. She also managed a vendor as well as set up a telesales & operation team to support Thai SMEs and agencies.  

Before Google, Pui worked at Procter & Gamble (P&G) in Purchasing team for 2 years and then moved to the sales world to work as an account manager for another year. 

Pui grown up in an educator family. She is  passionate about Thai education development. She believes technology can change communities for the better as well as get Thai teachers and students ready for the 21st century and the real world. 

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Isada (Noui) Siwawetpikul
Co-founder & Managing Director

Prior to Kudosiz, Noui has more than 10 years working experience in Multinational organizations in both the private and public sectors in Europe and Asia.

She started her career working in Germany as a Market Officer & Researcher for a Financial Consulting Company. After returning to Thailand, she helped build the Marketing and Communications Department for Accenture in Thailand, a global leading management & technology consulting company. She also has an extensive project management background through her experience with Chevron Texaco as a Project and Program officer, responsible for project cost reduction and utilization management. 

After gaining experience in the Multinational Corporate World, Noui decided to utilize her experience in giving back to society. This resulted in her moving to the public sector and help support the Business Development function across Asia Pacific Rim in FHI 360, an international NGO that specializes in public health. 

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